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Topcon Dozer Gps 3dmc2 Manual

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For the models covered in this manual, the sim card is optional. 1. remove the eight (8) retaining screws from the base of the mc-i3, and remove the base 2. page 4 tru. if the gps serial number id is not set in each of the gps boards in the mc-i3, it can be set using tru. connect in receiver managing mode -> information. Topcon revolutionized the 3d grading world with the introduction of 3d-mc 2 for dozers. this innovative new technology brought operating speeds and accuracies to crawler dozers that no one had seen before. now, the same 3d-mc 2 system is available for motorgraders. Benchmark tool & supply staff member robby pugh explains the intuitive features of the topcon gx-55 control box. the gx-55 installs onto your gps machine-control system to instantly display real. On site the pressure is always on. 3d-mc² takes away that stress as your dozer will grade as fast as it can run in an unbeaten accuracy. stay on top or even get ahead of schedule. the smoother results provided by 3d-mc² means that your operator can reach final grade in fewer passes, and even in critical applications the dozer can be the last.

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Topcon topcon dozer gps 3dmc2 manual 3d-mc manualsmanuals and user guides for topcon 3d-mc. we have 1 topcon 3d-mc manual available for free pdf download: installation and calibration manual. Contractor with cat machines compares topcon 3dmc squared system against current accugrade/trimble system from caterpillar. topcon 3dmc2 cat 140m motor 6:41. how a gps dozer really works.

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How it works. 3d-mc 2 combines topcon’s gx-60 control box, gps+ antenna & mc-r3 receiver and innovative new inertial sensor and pairs them with advanced new controlling software to provide an overall system 10 times more responsive than previous 3d control dozers. this new configuration measures the x,y,z position as well as the roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration of the dozer to provide the. Easy to use, flexible 3d control. on site the pressure is always on. 3d-mc² takes away that stress as your motor grader will grade as fast as it can run in an unbeaten accuracy. 3d-mc² dozer schematic speaker to back-up alarm + chassis ground-2 left lower 2 1 left raise 1 2 1 1 right lower raise right 2 gx-60 optional relay for back-up alarm valve cable 40-pin connector “a” 40-pin connector “b” breakout “a” cable harness breakout “b” cable harness optional light bars to upper connector to lower connector auto/manual. Topcon 3dmc2 dozer operator screen walkthrough topcon gps machine control training from the seat (2019). new topcon topcon dozer gps 3dmc2 manual 3dmc2 system vs.

Topcon Dozer Gps 3dmc2 Manual

Komatsu d51px-22 high speed dozing with topcon 3dmc2 gps system duration: 5:27. general equipment & supplies, inc. 29,053 views. This manual is for skid steer systems equipped with a 3d automatic control system. a typical 2d system provides laser-guided depth control along a plane from a single reference point which must be setup for each job site. a 3d system adds locating ability to the control through either a global positioning satellites (gps) or local.

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Products pages of positioning. adobe acrobat reader is needed to view pdf formatted files. adobe acrobat reader is distributed freely by adobe systems. This manual discusses the following 3dmc systems: † gps+ (motor grader and dozer) † mmgps (motor grader, dozer, and paver) †3d-mc2 topcon dozer gps 3dmc2 manual (dozer) † lps (motor grader and dozer) † 2d control (motor grader and dozer) † excavator (x62/x63). 3d-mc 2grader mmgps. sign in or sign up for mytopcon to view this page: sign in sign up. components. gx-55. pzs-mc converting a geoid for use in topcon machine control for users in the united states and puerto rico. see more. documents. 3d-mc reference guide. 3d-mc reference guide. download. 3d-mc user’s manual (eng) (1013510-01. Constant in-motion control. redefine the capabilities of your dozer. the 3d-mc max system uses mc2+ imu inertial measurement units (imu) sensors that enable you to blade faster and smarter, without the need of a mast.. the increased response time with our mc2+ imu’s working together enables you to make tighter turns, cut smoother grades, and expand your work potential beyond normal automated.

Every job needs to get to grade. topcon gets you there with smooth, accurate results. no matter how demading the job specification, we have a solution that can meet or exceed it. 3d-mc² brings vertical accruacy within 1. 5cm, and millimeter gps can tighten that even further. and our solutions leave behind a finish that others will envy. Dozer 1. gx-60 display 2. simple auto/manual knob 3. blade slope sensor 4. hydraulic valves 5. mc-r3 controller 6. mc-g3 single antenna 7. mc-g3 dual antenna 8. gps vibration pole 9. base station kit 1 10 3 5 2 6 9 4 7. View & download of more than 255 topcon pdf user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. measuring instruments, laser level user manuals, operating guides & specifications. Browse our inventory of new and used topcon gps devices fleet management for sale near you at machinerytrader. com. models include 3d-mc2, 8090mm, data collector, geo model, fc 5000, finish kit d65wx-17 single antenna fits d65wx-17 s, gps / single antenna / for dozer with plug & play hyper v digital 2, includes gx-60 display, gps anenna, mc-r3 digital, kit, hiper vr base & rover, uhf 440-470.

Topcon’s 3d-mc² takes 3d machine control to a whole new level, making your dozer a high-speed finishing tool! the secret to 3d-mc²’s increased grade performance is a revolutionary 3d-mc² sensor which measures movement and rotation in 9 axes, and 10 times faster than standard systems. Jd 850j with topcon gps getting it done.. dlh farms. turned my dozer into a road grader with gps! duration: 39:44. deere equipment using trimble gps to place gravel over geotextile.